Revue is a cabaret about cabaret; a show within a show.

Scott Allen wants to be a producer and to do that, he needs to audition performers, find some show tunes and put on a show. Through the magic of Cabaret Fringe Festival, Scott gets his wish with his one hour show, Revue.

Cue: Gillian Biggs, Caroline Cook, Jed McDonald and Ryan Tanner in sparkly costumes to sing and dance to show tunes about auditioning, performing and being a star.

Scott Allen hosts, or narrates, the show and introduces segues for the performers to present songs from Broadway musicals like A Chorus Line,  Singin’ in the Rain, Cabaret  and many more, accompanied by dance routines and some comic dialogue.

Gillian Biggs’ voice is strong and beautiful to listen to. A natural performer onstage, she interacted easily with fellor performers and had some pretty spectacular costumes. Caroline Cook’s comic timing was excellent and she made a genuine connection with the audience, and Jed McDonald is a very focused performer with great talent and it would have been good to see more from him, as he was a joy to watch. Although not a natural singer, Ryan Tanner had much to offer in his comic ability and was a crowd favourite.

The performers took a while to warm up, and although the plot of the show could have been better developed, each singer had a genuine presence and by the end of the production, had found a way to make the audience completely warm to them. Some more audience interaction would have built even more of a connection, but as it was, the four actors had won a fan in me. Scott Allen, as the producer, was energetic and projected well, but his constant pacing up and down the stage was incredibly distracting and might perhaps have benefited from some direction.

Revue is playing at Nexus as part of Cabaret Fringe Festival and is presented by CCTheatreCo. Grab tickets to tonight’s show HERE.

Reviewed by Libby Parker