In a world first, and as part of the Guitars in Bars prelude to the Adelaide Guitar Festival, Satan’s Cheerleaders will play full band arrangements of the classic 1987 Commodore 64 game The Last Ninja.

13508862_1349594305055431_1049799407038963832_nA spectacular 12 levels of classic eight bit composition by Ben Daglish will come to life with live instruments.

The music of The Last Ninja, originally composed by Daglish in 1987, has gained a strong following and is widely regarded as one of the great exponents of game music, especially from the “chiptune” era.

Satan’s Cheerleaders has arranged the quintessential 80’s computer game music for a full band consisting of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, saxophone and effects.

And if that isn’t enough, to unwind after the intense video game experience, Appomattox Run will play the classic 1973 ZZ Top album Tres Hombres in its entirety.

This evening of guitar madness will take place at the Grace Emily  (232 Waymouth Street) on Saturday July 23 from 9pm and entry is absolutely free.