Tonight in Adelaide, seven of the world’s favourite 1980s superstars will take to the stage at the Thebarton Theatre for what promises to be a totally 80s experience.

2So popular it had to move to a bigger venue, Totally 80s will feature Martika, Berlin, Limahl, Paul Lekakis, Katrina (of & the Waves fame), Men Without Hats and Stacey Q performing their biggest hits.

Also joining the Aussie leg of the tour are Wa Wa Nee and Real Life.

We spoke to Limahl from Kajagoogoo and Martika ahead of the shows and they were both incredibly excited to be a part of the tour.

Reflecting back on his career, Limahl regaled the tale of when he recorded The Never Ending Story theme song.


“I do try to look after myself and go to the gym and eat the right foods and not party too hard. It’s very different to how I was in 1984. I remember the night before I went to Munich to record ‘The Never Ending Story’ with Georgio Moroder, I was out partying all Limahlnight: smoking cigarettes and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, getting up tired and running off to the airport, very late for the plane,” he says.

“Got to Munich, got to the studio and of course the song’s quite high. And a lot of singers will tell you they don’t like singing in the day, it’s all about the night, and I was very much a night owl. And we started the song and I just had no voice. I just wasn’t warmed up, I was tired. And Georgio was very cool, he said, “Lim, don’t worry, we have some food, a little wine and relax and we see what happens.” And I didn’t feel any pressure. And that’s what happened, we had dinner at the studio and a little wine, and boom, hit all the notes and it was fine. So I’ll be having a glass of wine at the ‘80s gigs, but I won’t be going crazy.”


Limahl (born Christopher Hamill – Limahl is an anagram of his surname) spoke about the importance of nostalgia and gigs like this one bringing people together.

“It’s become more important in the world we live in today. We are just constantly fed disaster after disaster, and people ultimately want to have a bit of fun; they work hard all week,” he says.

“That’s the wonderful thing about my songs. I know that when people are hearing the first few bars, they’re smiling and I know they’re thinking about where they were. Did they buy the single when they were at school? Were they on holiday? Does it remind them of a certain person? And that’s powerful stuff, it’s nostalgic. And nostalgia can make you feel very emotional. It’s very real.”

Martika was an ‘80s superstar who recorded with the likes of (the late) Prince, and toured the world extensively with her music.

The singer of ‘Toy Soldiers’ and the awesome remake of Carole King’s 1971 classic ‘I Feel martika4the Earth Move’ in 1988 spoke to us about her time in Australia during those years.

“I have wonderful memories. I met so many nice l people, I had such a great time, it’s a beautiful country. I was in Sydney and Melbourne, and I just remember the ocean and the beach. Just a really nice exchange with different people I met and great food, after hours hangs and met some cool surfers on the beach. It was just a really nice experience,” Martika says.

And like Limahl, Martika says the Totally 80s shows take people back to a happier time.

“It’s like an escape, people come and they’re revisiting the memories of their own lives,” she says. “It’s just got a really happy energy to it. We’re going to have a blast really.

“There’s a lot of acts on the lineup, so people are going to get their money’s worth. They’re going to get a lot of songs that they remember. It’s going to be a really good time.”

One of Martika’s career highlights was working with Prince, which she says was brief, but nice.

“The collaboration was pretty much long distance. I didn’t really see him after I played ‘Martika’s Kitchen’ for him, because he wasn’t in the sessions that I did on the music and then when I played it for him, he loved it. And then we really didn’t keep in touch after that. It was a very brief encounter. And it was just like: ‘here’s a few songs’, Paisley Park little gems. And it was nice,” she says.

Totally ‘80s is at Thebarton Theatre tonight from 8pm with tickets through Ticket Master.

By Libby Parker
Photos supplied