The inaugural Umbrella Festival is now underway showcasing a myriad of local artists and venues across town, and getting people off the couch and celebrating our great state.

One such event under the Umbrella is hosted by one of The Upside News’ favourite emerging artists who is destined for massive success, Louis Donnarumma.

ElderHallPoster(ForWeb)We had a chat with him about the event, which is a veritable festival of artistry, food, beverage and fashion.

Louis and local band, The Skeleton Club will play and there will be an exhibition of Adelaide artists in the foyer, which you can peruse while enjoying catering by SA businesses.

There is one rule, though: you must dress to impress.

“Me and some members of The Skeleton Club have put together a gig called Elder Hall Sessions. Under the Umbrella Festival, we’ll play at Elder Hall. There’ll be an art exhibition in the foyer, drinks from Caudo Vineyard, like Sangria and wine, as well as catering by Dining Miss Daisy, a small business in Adelaide,” Louis says.

Adelaide artists are showcasing their work through a variety of mediums and Louis says there is an eclectic mix of homegrown talent there.

“The artists exhibiting their work are Lucy Anderson, Gabi Lane, Chris Hester and Joshua Smith. Some of them are connected with Skeleton Club’s EP artwork and are family friends of the group. There’s sculptures, visual art and all sorts of stuff there,” he says.

The idea for the event came about through a desire to be different and use a beautiful venue which is rarely used for this purpose.

“Toby from the Skeleton Club pitched the idea to me to play at the event and help organise it. With The Umbrella Festival, the key thing was to do something unusual that you wouldn’t normally see throughout the year. Elder Hall is such a great space and it doesn’t get used that much for contemporary artists, so it’s a great opportunity to use that space and breathe that life into it. We want to show it’s a great space for any artist or event to use,” Louis says.

“I’m looking forward to having everyone there for the purpose of art and having a good time. The idea of the event is to have everyone dress up slick and fancy and come to an event with great local food, drinks and local people. This is a great way to promote local artists and businesses in a fun setting.”

Grab tickets to the event through Moshtix and don’t forget to look sharp!

By Libby Parker