After having spent most of 2015 apart from one another to work on various solo projects, Warpaint have regrouped and will be putting out their third work, Heads Up, which the band hint will be a different style to what you would commonly expect to hear from Warpaint. Teaser track, ‘New Song’, which is the first single from the album surprises and this album feels like it’s going to be a little harder to bathe in for all the shoegazers out there.

Warpaint were born out of some pretty elite beginnings, their debut EP, Exquisite Corpse, was mixed and mastered by guitar genius, John Frusciante, and the song ‘Elephants’, off the EP, was received extremely well by the art-rock/art-pop hordes and was featured in the 2011 horror film, Siren. This time around, Warpaint have reenlisted, Jacob Bercovici, who was the producer on their debut EP, to produce this album.

“When we were making it, I was like “I wonder what this is going to sound like? How’s this going to come together so nicely? I feel so proud of it, and like it’s an evolution of our band, It sounds like a mature version of Warpaint,” say bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg of the new album.

Warpaint’s Heads Up is out Friday 23 September via Rough Trade / Remote Control

Purchase / stream ‘New Song’ HERE.