ROME, ITALY- JULY 27 ,2016: Testament photographed in Rome, Italy on July 27, 2016. © Gene Ambo

Bay Area Thrash Metal five-piece Testament are back with their 11th album, Brotherhood of the Snake.

Accompanying the release of the album, is the official browser game that is tongue-in-cheek not so secretly similar to snake (try this immediately – Ed).

Rhythm guitarist Eric Peterson has played it, although the tech savvy younger generation (i.e. his son) found it easier to connect with.

“I was watching my son play and he gave me some pointers, I think his highest score was 1400,” Peterson says.

“Overall I think it’s a great idea, I love how the snake keeps getting bigger and the music goes great with the game!”

The name of the album was derived from the “ancient alien hypothesis,” which is the inspiration for the lyrics.

The concept of the hypothesis is based on the belief that intelligent extra-terrestrial beings made contact with Earth in prehistoric times.

“Once we looked it up and saw how far back it goes, 6000 years ago the Sumerians and the whole revelation of that which is pretty interesting.”

“It’s pretty intriguing with what is involved with secret societies and how it relates to religion and the revelations… it just seemed right up our alley,” Peterson says.

The band has noticed some of the criticism of the songs so far and hope that fans will have the patience to give the full length a listen.

“People who heard Brotherhood of the Snake itself, they’re gonna understand the record more once they hear the Pale King into Stronghold,” Peterson says.

“It’s like a piece of a puzzle. I’ve seen some of the comments and I’m thinking to myself ‘they need to hear the record’, those people.”

“Some records the songs are different, but this one – a lot like the gathering and the new order – they all have their place and also go together as one.”

Testament have not forgot about their fans Down Under either, with plans for shows in Australia sometime in the beginning of next year.

“We’re trying to put a tour together very shortly; we’re looking at January or February,” Peterson says.

“It looks like we’re going to be some stuff in Japan and Australia, maybe New Zealand too.”

By Nutman

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