Los Angeles comedian Ross Everett is making his Adelaide Fringe debut this year with Stop Stopping the Unstoppable, a show which takes aim at the self help industry.

Satirising motivational speakers of the ilk of Tony Robbins and Brene Brown, Ross wants to stop people stopping themselves from being the person in their lives who stops themselves (or something like that).

Making his start in comedy as an intern on The Colbert Report and The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and then becoming a YouTube celebrity with his Streamy Award winning channel SourceFed, Ross then went to study clowning with Phillipe Gaulier, which has prepared him for his Adelaide debut.

“Making videos is very rewarding,” Ross says. “But you never get to see the people you’re performing for. I went looking for something different and found myself at a school in France and I knew there was something special about this type of performing.”

“I’ve never done anything like [perform at Adelaide Fringe] before, so this is a fun new experience for me. But if I’m sure of one thing, it’s that you can’t grow if you’re comfortable and my costume is very uncomfortable, so I know I’m doing something right.”

His first time in Australia, Ross is looking forward to being down under, with Fringe as good excuse to see Adelaide and meet like-minded people.

“I’ve always wanted to come to Australia,” he says. “But it’s really hard to find time to vacation. When I heard about the Fringe Festival it seemed an amazing opportunity to come professionally and get a chance to see the city of Adelaide in action.”
“This is my first Fringe show and I’m excited to be around a culture of creative people fully expressing themselves and taking risks in their lives to pursue what they love. I’ve always been amazed by people who perform at fringe festivals because it can be so involved. I guess I’m one of them now, and having gone through the process to create a show myself I think I had even underestimated that a little bit.”
He’s also looking forward to making audiences laugh with his satire of all things motivational, as well as share some inspiring lessons along the way.
“The best part of my show is that I get to finally do something with all these years of motivational speaking seminars and life transformation courses I went to in my early twenties,” he says. “It’s a hybrid of being able to teach a bit about the lessons that have given me some breakthroughs in my life as well as completely satirising the methods in which they’re presented.”

Ross Everett performs Stop Stopping the Unstoppable at The Niche at The Producers From 16 February – 3 March and you can grab your tickets HERE.