It’s like an arena spectacular, but with the intimacy of a house party and the atmosphere of a sporting event.

The cheekily named Mein Camp is exactly that: camp. It’s also hysterically funny, dripping in political satire and loaded with your favourite songs.

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Hans, here at The Upside News, but even we have to marvel at how Matt Gilbertson manages to reinvent his character’s stage show each year and make it even better than the last.

This show has less gimmicks, but more of the Hans that has made him such a South Australian icon.

There’s no doubt Hans can work a crowd and Mein Camp has plenty of opportunities for Berlin’s Boy Wonder to show off his highly skilled sass and satire.

You will cheer him on, laugh until it hurts, bop to every song, and leave with such a sense of elation you’ll want to dance all the way home.

See it. You’ll love it.

5 stars

Grab your tickets HERE.

Reviewed by Libby Parker