Lucy Fox, Ell Sachs and Laura Trenerry are The Travelling Sisters – and together they put on one hell of a funny show.

In a performance that is a masterful hybrid of song, mime, stand-up, slapstick that contains generous doses of the bizarre and surreal, the three ‘sisters’ set a frenetic pace from the opening number and they never let their momentum slip.

The opening autobiographical song, a sort of mutated mariachi ballad, is laugh out loud funny and certainly showcases the great harmonising ability that these three women possess.


The set pieces that follow are varied in form and style and are all equally as engaging as each other – whether that be the sketch about The Ice Boys, a mullet headed gang of ice-skating bogans bragging about their barbecued sausage intake; or accepting an invitation to attend a poignant and tragic birthday party for a hunchbacked woman and her ardent lover, Colon; or being entertained by a herd of teat-shaking rapping goats; or experiencing a re-enactment in mime of the theft of Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream by a group of interpretive kinesiologists called The Brown Brothers, or even witnessing the self-peeling of a depressed potato – every moment of this show is inventive, original and, most often, hysterically funny.

The trio work beautifully together, and all are equally adept in comic timing, co-ordinated movement, and in moving rapidly from one character to the next so convincingly.

The finale featuring a ten foot tall blues mama named Boadicea is a terrific example of their teamwork and finely honed stagecraft. It combined, all at once, clever choreographed movement, a great visual gag, and well-crafted comic lyrics.

There were no flat spots in this performance at all, and the appreciative crowd at Henrietta’s tonight, who I am sure are all now Travelling Sisters acolytes, will be out and about spreading the word tomorrow about this gem of a show.

It is no wonder The Travelling Sisters were so well received at The Edinburgh Festival – they are an absolute  comic delight.

Highly recommended.

4 stars.

The Travelling Sisters are performing at Henrietta’s until March 4, and then at The Producers from March 5 to March 19.