BARBU – Electro Trad Cabaret is absurdly breathtaking from start to finish. Performed by French-Canadian troupe Cirque Alfonse, the zany, sexy group of men and women blew me away in the Peacock tent in Gluttony last night.

This is high quality circus theatre with a male-female duo starting the performance with death-defying acrobatics to get the crowd riled up.

Next up was one of a couple of juggling acts that were the only low point in a range of mesmerising acts. There were a number of bowling pins/balls dropped during the act, but the good-natured audience continued to egg the performers on enthusiastically and the pinnacle of the juggling act was expertly executed.

When it came to the acrobatics, the sheer strength of the men and women was astounding. Smaller performers would balance a number of heavier performers in crazy angles.

An incredibly flexible woman contorted herself in all sorts of positions within an aerial hoop and later a man dressed as a mirror ball spun within a giant hoop on the ground in one of the funnier routines.

One of the highlights for me was the electro-trad backing band who played a variety of music from indie-folk with electric violin to ambient EDM. The top-hatted DJ certainly looked like he was having a great time. It was great to see live music played to match the acts as they were being performed.

Around halfway through the show the performers had stripped down out of their eclectic outfits into black underwear, bodies glistening with sweat and they continued to amaze with their feats of strength. One man swung and flung a full beer keg around as if it was nothing (I can barely drag one!)

Flecked with hilarity throughout, if you haven’t already seen BARBU, get out this weekend and see it.

5 stars

BARBU is showing until March 19. Pick up your tickets here.