Paines Plough and Pentabus Theatre Company’s Every Brilliant Thing is the entire package. It’s funny, moving, interactive, beautifully written, perfectly performed and intelligently directed.

James Rowland presents the one-hour monologue, which takes us through the life of a seven-year-old whose mother attempts to take her own life. He prepares a list of every brilliant thing in the world (ice cream, Kung Fu movies, laughing so hard milk shoots out your nose) to give to his mum when she returns home. Throughout his life he continues the list and we continue to hear about how depression and suicide affect the family members of those suffering from sadness.

Audience members are given parts from the list, and some have roles to play, which makes Every Brilliant Thing interactive, immersive, yet totally non-threatening and bundles of fun.

The show is a beautiful way to deal with such a heavy issue which is so prominent in our world and starts a conversation that more of us should be having.

Poignant, entertaining, affecting and completely engaging, Every Brilliant Thing is flawless. See it immediately.