French ‘anti-choreographer’ Jerome Bel creates a dance piece with a difference with an all-Adelaide cast in Gala as part of Adelaide Festival.

The premise of the show is to prove that dancing is not about steps, technique or experience, but rather how you feel the music and movement.

Including a locally cast group of unlikely performers, Gala is like watching the dance floor at a wedding: an eclectic mish mash of dancers and styles, carefree and enjoying every minute.

Featuring a couple of professional dancers (and a very impressive hula-hooper) and a well known actor amongst a woman in a wheelchair, a transgender person, someone with Down Syndrome, two kids, a couple of senior citizens and a whole lot of energy, Gala finds you cheering as if you’re at a footy match, egging the cast on as they attempt a range of moves and copy each others’ solo routines.

Surprising, sweet and uplifting, Gala seeks to prove that what we perceive to be the right ‘look’ for a dancer doesn’t always fit the title, and what we expect to see on a stage isn’t nearly as exciting as the unexpected.