Check out the verdict of Colour Machine’s single, ‘Ego’ from our Next Gen Journo crew who participated in a workshop with journalist and Upside News editor Libby Parker recently:


Adelaide teen trio Colour Machine has perfected their Indie rock, grunge punk sound ones so young. The band explores the use of instruments and electronic sound, and a singing drummer, which is always impressive.

The song ‘Ego’ was released earlier this year and provides a rustic feel as the sound is fresh and new, something music lovers haven’t heard in a while. The vocals are powerful, pure and raw and show the hidden emotion behind the track.

The band is well advanced for their age and their sound is more professional than you would expect from high school students. ‘Ego’ is catchy and impossible not to tap your feet to.

Reviewed by Kahlia Gilbert


‘Ego’ is the recent release from Colour Machine, a three-piece rock band of teenagers from Adelaide.

This song is a mash of different types of music; of pop, rock and grunge music. It has a steady, basic rock beat and the drumming is well combined with the guitars. Ego reminds me of some songs that were written by Panic! At The Disco, a famous American rock band.

The music video itself was really capturing, as it showed the band itself and the vineyards of South Australia.

Reviewed by Aleksandra Molotchnikova