Mother, comedian, archaeologist and fabulous person, KC Monica is heading to Adelaide Fringe to give us hilarious life lessons in how to escape the suburbs and a mundane existence.

Digging into her career experiences and her failed attempt to be normal, KC wants to help us chase the fun stuff.

Playing at the Producers for the first week of Fringe, the Northern Territorian says she’s looking forward to bringing her one-woman show to Adelaide.

“This is my first ever solo show. I have performed in showcases and things down there, and I’ve been doing comedy for five years now, but this is the first I’ve gone out on my own to do a solo thing,” she says.

“I love the whole vibe of the Fringe. I first went there in 2011 when I moved to Adelaide to do a degree at Flinders, and the whole atmosphere, the Garden, and the amazing artists that go into it are amazing. When I went back as a comedian I met a whole bunch of other fantastic performers; it just became a way of life. So I’m really excited about coming down and catching up with old friends, and making new ones, and seeing lots of comedy. I gorge on comedy down there, I try to see three shows a night. So I’ll be staying longer than just my run.”

KC, who is a comedian and an archaeologist, bases her comedy around rejecting what is ‘normal’ and expected of adults, so we ask her what is normal.

“I guess it’s that expectation we all have of growing up and getting a good job, and having a good career, the nice house, the wholesome family, the dog,” she says. “All those life goals that people have, and yeah, I mean, I tried to be normal I guess. Didn’t work for me because I wasn’t really cut out for it. But I think one of the things I find is I meet people, particularly getting back in touch with people I went to school with, and they say ‘Oh wow I always wanted to be an archaeologist’. And I think Really? What stopped you?

“And a lot of is when they went and they got the degree their parents thought they should get. Or they chose the path that society expects them to take. I kind of do everything backwards. I ended up getting kicked out of school at 16. Being a single mum at 16, at that point you’ve kind of failed, and society is telling you your life is never going to amount to anything.

“I was told well I may as well just marry a bloke and then pop out the baby to try to look normal, and I had to decide whether that was what I wanted. It was actually quite thrilling. It gave me permission to say well it doesn’t matter what I do, because I’m not going to keep everyone happy, so I’m going to look at what’s going to keep me happy.”

Sage advice, really. So what fun stuff is KC chasing?

“Oh god I really love heli-hiking down in remote areas, bungee jumping in Canada, uni cycling in various places around the world, snowboarding. Just, you know, fun stuff. It’s interesting because I’ve never been one of these people who goes to pubs to catch up with mates. It’s not a big part of my life and I travel a lot and it’s hard to find a regular way to catch up with friends,” she says.

“So recently what I’ve done is I’ve instituted a thing called Second Sunday Slack Lining here in Darwin where I string up a slack line between a couple of palm trees, people come down with a picnic rug, and a couple of kids, and a dog, and some juggling balls or roller skates and we just chill out as the sun goes down.”

You can chase the fun stuff with KC Monica at Producers at Adelaide Fringe by grabbing your tickets HERE.