Presented by One Fell Swoop Circus, By A Thread is a mesmerising performance showcasing the raw strength of seven dynamic acrobats as they redefine aerial acrobatics with one thirty metre piece of rope.

Co-directed by Charice Rust and Jonathan Morgan, the Melbourne based company will grace the Peacock stage in Gluttony across 15 nights during this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

We had an opportunity to sit down with Co-director Johnathan Morgan who can’t wait to present the show to Adelaide audiences.

“We haven’t been to Adelaide before and we’ve heard a lot of great things about the way the Fringe takes over the city,” he says. “So we’re really looking forward to seeing how that goes. “It’s definitely the biggest venue we’ve ever performed in. We were in France recently, and we got to perform in a 17th century hall, but the Peacock tent at Gluttony is amazing as well.”

Obviously the Peacock will be just as glamorous as a 17th century hall, and perfect for what the company are looking to achieve with By a Thread.

“There’s a couple of ways we’re trying to push what a circus show can be,” Johnathan says. “We’ve got only one apparatus for the whole hour-long show, which is this 30 metre long rope, that goes up from the floor and between two big industrial pulleys we got from a crane company. And then that’s the other side. So normally, especially with aerials, when someone’s hanging suspended, they’re connected to the roof and you don’t think about what’s holding them up. But in By a Thread, if someone’s hanging from one end of the rope, it means the rest of the ensemble are holding the other end to keep them up.”

“It’s a very strong demonstration of the amount of trust and risk that is involved in circus in general, and particularly when you’re doing aerials. Just held up by other people. We use that really clear image that the rope creates, and try to look at how you can think about that in kind of everyday relationships and the kind of the trust that you have to have in other people.”

By a Thread is showing for 15 dates across Adelaide Fringe so grab your tickets HERE.