Hand in Hand is a physical theatre piece comprising of six local performers. Opening with a child-like, playground role play, Hand in Hand morphs into a sophisticated circus show that leaves the audience in awe. I could barely contain my ‘ooohs’, ‘aaahhs’ and gasps as the talented artists worked through their various stunts.

The piece skilfully incorporates the use of paint, with the bold colours capturing the playful qualities of each of the performers. As viewers, we go through the whole gamut of emotions as we watch Hand in Hand unfold – the connections between each of the performers is indicative of the range of human experiences. Hand in Hand is raw and incredibly real. The intimacy of the venue allows you to see the intensity on their faces, and the strength of their bodies. The trust each of the artists place in each other is something to behold. The soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment to each of the routines, setting the tone beautifully for the layers of the performance as they evolve.

I realised at the end of the fifty minutes my face was sore from continuously smiling from start to finish. Hand in Hand would appeal to a variety of audiences, and it can’t help but put you in a great mood. I would highly recommend this piece as an opener to a night spent in Gluttony – not only would you be supporting local entertainers, but you would be guaranteed to be awe-struck by the delights that is Hand in Hand.

Hand in Hand is playing until 25 February. Tickets can be purchased HERE

4 and ½ stars

By Rachel Gould