After being the undisputed, sell-out hit of both the 2017 Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringes, Nick Phillips is returning in 2018 to unleash his werewolves upon us.

As night falls on the town of Millers Hollow, there’s trouble afoot and werewolves are stalking the innocent villagers.

As each morning breaks, the death toll rises and it’s up to the villagers to try to find werewolves lurking in plain sight among them.

Host Nick Phillips will lead the proceedings as the audience are pitted against each other  in a game of life, death and a howling good time.

“It’s quite an old East German game and it’s been adapted into various formats,” Nick says. “We have 20 in the cast, so each member of the audience is a character in the village. Some of the villagers have special powers and the challenge is to find the werewolves amongst the group.

“At night, the werewolves wake and kill one of the villagers. Then during the day there’s a voting process, where the community vote to lynch one of the community, hoping to take out one of the werewolves. It’s a race to see who survives, whether it’s the werewolves or the villagers.”

While the game is an interactive one, Nick says potential audience members with stage fright have nothing to fear (except maybe the werewolves and the lynching…).

“It’s very easy and reasonably limited interaction,” he says. “And everybody’s in the same boat, so no one’s kind of stuck up on stage on their own being embarrassed. I drive the game and explain as we go. It starts at night, and everybody falls asleep and closes their eyes. I’ll wake various characters very quietly – you can’t make any noise or else people will guess you are that character, especially when the werewolves are awake.”

Playing at the new and improved Gluttony, as well as Coventry Library at Stirling Fringe and the Boardroom at Rajopolis, Nick says any venue is perfect for Werewolves because it’s the kind of show you can take anywhere.

“I’ve done this show in a number of locations. I’ve even taken this to some corporate spaces, working with staff management, which worked well because everybody has to interact. I’ve done a number of dinner functions where people have a drink and we’ll play a game and then they’ll have dinner and then we’ll play a second game. The conversation through dinner is all about the game, about who’s killed who.

And for those who might have joined the hunt for the werewolves last year in Adelaide or in Edinburgh, Nick has changed it up a bit so you can get along to the village again.

“I’ve designed some new cards which you can take home with you, and there will also be a spookier atmosphere…”

We won’t give any spoilers, because you’ll have to see for yourself!

Werewolves will be playing all through Fringe so grab your tickets HERE.