Local circus school Zigzag Circus delivers a show with Under the Covers: Volume 2 which showcases the talents of emerging performers through a fun and entertaining mix of cheesy humour and accomplished acrobatics.

The show takes place in a hotel setting, with all performances soundtracked by cover versions of various well known and not so well known songs. The advertising for the show features the cover song aspect heavily, however, I found that it was the performances rather than the music that seemed front and centre. In fact, one the best moments actually features an ABBA original rather than a cover.

The hotel setting created a great narrative in which to perform circus tricks, using hotel related props as well as circus standards such as silks. The amount of fun that the performers were having on stage completely drew me in and made up for the few moments where there was perhaps a lack of polish with the acrobatics.

I went into this show thinking it might be a cheesy celebration of cover songs with some circus tricks along the way. It was more of a comedic, although still cheesy, celebration of the circus, with some of the students performing publicly for the very first time. It was a fantastic debut for those students who now must come up with something even better for their next show.

If you like your circus creative with a bit of cheese, check this out. I guarantee you will have a lot of fun.

You can purchase tickets HERE.

4 stars

By Tania Nicholas