Endorsed (sort of) by Andrew Bolt, emerging cabaret sensation Josh Belperio is bringing autobiographical Scarred for Life to Adelaide Fringe.

After surviving being thrown over the handlebars of his pushbike, rupturing his spleen and nearly bleeding to death, Josh did the only rational thing an artist would do – he wrote a show about it.

His debut season at Adelaide Cabaret Fringe sold out, so Josh is bringing the show to Queens Theatre at The Lab for two weekends.

Through original songs Josh recounts, with humour, his finer moments in hospital and the tale of a tragedy that changed his life for the better.

“The comedy comes from the tragedy,” Josh says. “It’s all the hospital shenanigans that happened when we’re at a really vulnerable position in our life that’s so funny. Like parading around in see-through underwear, the patient in the bed next to me developing a delusion I was trying to kill her. All of that.”

Since his Adelaide Cabaret Fringe debut, Josh’s career has gone skywards, particularly after the release of his open letter to Malcolm Turnbull about Marriage Equality.

“It’s really awesome to know that a very large group of people sent the message of joy and resilience viral during a really, really horrible time in our history,” he says. “This is my greatest hope: that people out there who were suffering were helped by that song.”

And after giving hope to so many during a very difficult time, Josh is bringing his joy to Adelaide Fringe, which he is thrilled about.

“Oh my gosh, it is just the time when the city gets transformed into this incredible cultural hub,” he says. “There are so many shows, it’s just exhilarating, this melting pot of all different shows, all different styles of theatre that you can see, it’s just incredible.

“And we are performing in a wonderful venue because I told my partner [and producer]: ‘Matt, I want to do Fringe but I want the grand piano and I don’t want to do a tent, and I want it to be air conditioned,’ he laughs. “And Matt said, ‘Well, no such venue exists, so I’m going to have to make one.’ Now we’ve got this awesome lineup of 16 shows that are going to be performing to an audience with a grand piano in an air conditioned comfort.”

For Josh, working alongside Matt has been beneficial to his work and their relationship because he says they are the perfect team.

“It’s great because we have this extra dimension to our relationship now, where we have this creative dimension and that is really, really exhilarating and exciting and wonderful and beautiful,” he says. “On the flip side, the fights are spectacular! The marriage equality song ironically almost ended our relationship, not quite, it wasn’t that bad.”

You can catch Josh Belperio’s Scarred For Life by grabbing tickets HERE.

By Libby Parker