The After Hours Cabaret Club ticks all the right boxes for a late night variety show at the Adelaide Fringe.

Chanteuse, Tash York, is the perfect host of proceedings, belting out some great tunes and establishing an instant rapport with the audience, that she uses to keep things running along smoothly amongst the weird and wonderful acts gracing the stage (read our review of York’s solo show here).

A slick 5-piece band, squeezed into an almost impossibly small space at the back of stage, are a great asset to the show, and used effectively throughout.

With acts that include mime, burlesque, contortion and just WTF-was-that, it’s all great entertainment and the perfect way to end your night at the Fringe, particularly after a few drinks.

Be warned, however, the venue is a very tight fit for the show (and was over-subscribed on the night we reviewed). So get there early to ensure a decent vantage point, as the viewing is a little restricted in some of the seats.

The After Hours Cabaret Club continues until 18th March at La Petite Grande, Gluttony, with tickets available here.

4 stars

Reviewed by Matthew Trainor