Poms away! The first weekend of Fringe kicked off on the right note over at The Belgium Beer Café with knee-slapping Best of British stand-up comedy showcasing some of the UK’s best comedic talents.

Our host for the evening, comedy queen (and nurse) Georgie Carroll set the scene of “comedy abroad” which embodied the theme for the night of what it’s like living in the UK (Northern, Southern and irrelevant places in-between) and the pommie perspective on the Australian way of life. Whether it be likening our accent to the sound of a broken-down go kart or discussing the longest “yeah, nah” of all time, these comics certainly had sides splitting.

First to grace the stage was 2017’s English Comedian of the year Nick Page, whose comedy stylings didn’t need props, didn’t allow for gimmicks and certainly no PowerPoints, instead making his life the joke and his mistakes the punchline. As he explained, he was simply, “f**king up and reporting back”!

Funny guys Gordon Southern, Paul Throne and Markus Birdman were some of the other truly hilarious players in this British bonanza, using their clever wit to have the audience howling.

The Belgium Beer Café offered an intimate setting providing the very best of abroad with first class British comics as well as the finest Belgium beers.

In my humble opinion, this show is not one to be missed and was an absolute stomach ache of laughter – the woman sitting next to me kindly informed me that she had quite literally wet her pants (seriously)!

The Brits did what they do best which is take the piss (with apologies to the woman next to me), have a laugh and never take themselves too seriously. The Best of British has set the bar high for what 2018’s Adelaide Fringe has in in the way of comedy and is a great indication that we can expect big belly laughs this year!

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4.5 stars

By Daisy Sumersford