I like the cheap thrill of a good horror flick or ghost train ride. Although I’m quite cynical, my curiosity for the spooky is insatiable. So, upon hearing about The Garden of Unearthly Delight’s Séance, I jumped at the opportunity to check it out.

Set in a custom-made shipping container, Séance is an eerie psychological experience that delves into the supernatural.

Prior to the show, the nervous ticket-holders milled about the entrance of the container, not knowing what to expect once the doors shut behind us. It was a full house and 26 of us squeezed in. With only two rows and a table that ran the length of the container between us, it was quite cosy as we all glanced nervously at each other.

After placing some headphones over our ears and some brief housekeeping from the host we were all plunged into darkness. Not the kind your eyes can adjust to but pitch black.

From here it was hard to distinguish what was real and what was being heard through the headphones. With no visual cues, my imagination ran wild. At one stage I was questioning what was real, the next moment begging for the voices not to come near me. I was glad no one could see how contorted my face was getting during some of the more unsettling moments.

From smashing glass and people running across the table to creepy whispers, Séance is an undertaking that lives inside your head. After 15 intense minutes the lights come on along with a sigh of relief from everyone who, while excited and smiling, have all experienced something distinctly unnerving.

Séance is not a show for the claustrophobic, the misophonic or those scared of the dark. It is also not recommended for children under 14 years of age. But for the thrill-seekers who like to feel their heart race, or their reality questioned, even if just for a moment, then I recommend you give Séance a whirl.

4 stars.

Séance is in The Garden of Unearthly Delights until March 19. Pick up your tickets here – if you dare!