Adelaide Fringe veterans TuskFM are bringing their new and improved Fleetwood Mac tribute back to Adelaide Fringe.

We took the time to chat with Peter Vawser of the band to find out what’s new, what’s changed and whether they will ever break the chains.

“This will be our fifth fringe show,” Peter Vawser drummer and vocalist in the band says. “We think we’ve settled on the format that works, in that we construct a bit of a story of Fleetwood Mac around the songs, and do a bit of narration that explains some of what was going on as a back story in the life of the members of the band as they wrote the songs.

“We focus on the era of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham because that’s the most popular part of the life of the band. But we do pay homage and tribute to the founder of the band, Peter Green, who started the band in 1968. We play a couple of songs from that era, and then some iconic songs, an acoustic, and an instrumental song called Albatross that went to number one in the U.K. in 1968.

With a mix of the popular and the obscure, TuskFM is a great show for Fleetwood Mac fans and soon to be converts to the Mac.

“We feature songs from ten of the Fleetwood Mac albums, including the complete Rumours album, which is arguably one of the most successful rock albums that’s ever come out. It’s sold something like 50 million copies so far, and it still sells copies both online and on CD these days,” Peter says.

“We also play a couple of songs from a bit later. Lindsey Buckingham left the band for a while in about 1990, and he was such a significant guitarist with such ability, that they actually replaced him with two people, a chap called Rick Vito and another guy called Billy Burnette. They performed on an album called Behind the Mask, and we play a couple of songs from that album as well. So just trying to bring in more of the aspects of Fleetwood Mac.”

Having performed this show at five Fringe Festivals, Peter says they have changed the format up a bit to keep it fresh.

“We’ve introduced some new songs. There’s a lovely little song called ‘Diana’. It was written by Lindsey Buckingham when he was having one of his flings, shall I say,” he laughs. “It’s a little song that says, ‘Oh no, here I go again, falling in love,’ and ends like, ‘Oh dear, I’ve done it again, whoops, I’ve done it again’ and we’ll always introduce it by saying, ‘Have we got any Dianas in the audience tonight?’ Invariably there is one, and invariably she will know the song, and she’ll be so happy that we’ve actually played it because it’s not one that was terribly commercially successful for them. But it is a dancey, boppy little number and it goes down very well.

“We’ll be changing the narration of it the show, too. We’ll also be introducing some new facts about the band and what they were doing.”

Having played at a variety of venues in their Fringe career, Peter says they are pleased to be performing at Fedora’s this year.

“Fedora’s is great because it’s a convenient location,” he says. “It’s on the city fringe, so people are not required to negotiate the difficulties and logistics of getting a car park or something in the city, or taking public transport into the city. They’ve got free parking but they’re close enough to the city that if you wanted to do public transport, you could do that.

“The room that we play in Fedora’s Restaurant is an intimate room. It will only take about 100 people, but that’s good because we can be intimate with the audience. Doors will open at 6pm and the restaurant will be open, so people who wish to can have a meal and then with the tables set up it will be more like cabaret style than a stand up bar. Acoustically the room is very good. It’s got a lovely carpet floor and an acoustic ceiling, so sound production wise we can put on the best audio performance that’s possible.”

You can catch TuskFm at Fedora’s for an excellent night out. Grab your tickets HERE.

By Libby Parker