Shake It knows the Fringe variety show formula well and checks off all the boxes with a talented group of performers, hosted by the engaging stage presence of Minnie Andrews.

Offering an enjoyable selection of acts, this is the Adelaide Fringe tasting platter: sexy circus, burlesque, cabaret tunes, dance, hula hoops and juggling all make an appearance.

At times, the show feels a little cobbled together, although this doesn’t detract much from the enjoyment. We have also become used to this kind of show at Fringe and it is getting harder to offer something new and unique.

There are some great moments though, particularly the hula hoop performance of Anna Fisher and the songs of Minnie Andrews.

Shake It continues until Sunday at the Spiegel Zelt in Gluttony, with details here.

3 ½ stars

Reviewed by Matthew Trainor