Rude, crude, boozy, offensive, filthy, feminist, hilarious and downright delightful; can you accept her? Thorns and all? Rose Callaghan made us break our d*cks laughing with her in your face comedy and overwhelmingly candid sense of humour.

Will You Accept This Rose? Was a comedic homage to the reality TV show The Bachelor (and the Bachelorette) as well as an insightful character study and jab at society’s standards and gender roles.

Rose Callaghan’s own dating life is used as a catalyst for comedic relief and up for scrutiny and debate as we hear all the failures and fortunes of her past (brutal) “romantic” experiences. Rose warns that she is just one bad break up away from going on Married at First Sight (yikes).

The multi-level night club is an example of the perfect crime when it comes to wizard level f*ck boys and getting away with foul play as Rose discussed “the multi-tasking man” who could have two girls on the go while kissing her upstairs and kissing someone else down stairs!

Rose also allows full coverage of some of her infamous twitter wars (with 14-year-old English boys and shitty misogynistic DJs) bragging that she was one of the very first to be “fat shamed” on social media.

While the space at The Howling Owl is a little snug, I highly recommend going and watching Rose Callaghan get rejected by Osher Günsberg, listen to her hilarious social commentaries on The Bachelorette, being dating roadkill, social media showdowns and just to admire Rose’s amazing subtle art of not giving a f*ck.

Like every other sh*t comedian Rose has a Podcast – Swipe Night (also very funny)

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Twitter – @operation_rosie

4 stars.

By Daisy Sumersford