Virgin Bloody Mary sees Nadia Collins present a creatively revisionist look at the birth of Christ, with equal measures of weirdness and humour, all performed without dialogue.

Held in the tiny Cranny Theatre at Producers Bar, I was greeted by a pea shooter and sly smile from Collins, dressed as the Virgin Mary. This foreshadowed the experience I would have for the rest of the show – lots of silliness, a bit of history, and plenty of audience participation.

The props, music, and audience participation were integral to the show, as there was no speaking from Collins. Sometimes this made it difficult to convey to participants what she wanted them to do, but also added to the humour once they figured it out. The small venue helped with the participation aspect as well, with everyone getting an opportunity to be involved at some point. I’m usually not one for audience participation, but this was one of the only times I really enjoyed it and felt it added to the show.

Nadia Collins is a very expressive performer, and that she was able to tell the story without the use of dialogue is a testament to her abilities. It probably helped that the birth of Christ is a familiar story, but none the less, it was an entertaining take and I would recommend seeing Virgin Bloody Mary if you like your history slightly off the wall and with a humorous bent.

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4 Stars

By Tania Nicholas