Revenge: a dish best served, served and served again.

Irene Nicola takes on the patriarchy, the difficulty of being a millennial and all things masculine and corrupt!

Revenge is a quirky cabaret that doubles as a group therapy session (with cocktails). Irene Nicola bares it all (literally) and tells us why she’s p*ssed off through the art of song and sultry burlesque.

I take my hat off to Irene (as she takes it all off) and commend her for bravery to stand up on stage in front of an audience completely starkers with both middle fingers up to the world.

Irene’s style of striptease burlesque and in your face femininity is what made the audience fall in love with her, but her creative and very clever original songs are what we love about Revenge.

The music and songs in Revenge are truly the star of the show and really, I would just come to see that alone. Her songs are witty, funny and Irene has a powerful voice and is a badass on the piano.

Irene’s husband made several cameos throughout the performance to read to us a “children’s” story by one of Enid Blyton’s “lesser known cousins”. The story stayed true to the theme of revengecompiling blood, guts and gore mixed with bad accents and gender confused wolves. This was an enjoyable element to the show however, the banter between Irene and her husband on stage was even more so.

La Boheme is one of my favourite cocktail lounges in Adelaide. It’s elegant, sexy and has all the feelings of old Hollywood or somewhere straight out of Paris in the 1920s however, it is also very cosy so if full-frontal nudity is not your gig then I would avoid this one because Irene does get up (very) close and (very) personal.

If you’ve come out to hear a political rant about gender bias and an insightful look into 21st century issues or have a discussion around exploitation, capitalised ideologies or oppression then you’ve come to the wrong place. Irene is just passionately angry at EVERYTHING and it’s delightfully infectious.

Raunchy and ruthless, Revenge is a must see for anyone who loves burlesque, cabaret and wants to hear some fantastic original songs. Come and have a cocktail and let out some rage.

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3 and a half stars.

by Daisy Sumersford