Leather Lungs: Son of Preacher shows off both Jason Chasland’s remarkable vocal range, and his ability to entertain with autobiographical tales. A cavalcade of pleather, sequins, and famous songs twisted to suit Chasland’s personality, this is one show to check out if you love cabaret.

Struttting out for the first song of the evening (The Spice Girls ‘Spice up your Life’), Chasland is wearing a fur coat. This gives way to a sequined leather vest and shorts get up, and the scene is set for the rest of the show. Encouraging audience participation from the beginning, Chasland was ready to host a party and wanted everyone to get involved. In between such pop anthems as ‘It’s Raining Men’ were personal stories about Chasland’s life as a gay man, with each song relating to the story preceding it.

The Studio at The German Club is a good size to take advantage of Chasland’s enormous voice. With everything played for laughs, Chasland has a natural knack for comedy, however, his real gift is that amazing voice, with a range across four octaves. I could just watch him perform songs without the talking and it would still be fantastic.

Leather Lungs: Son of a Preacher is certainly worth seeing for Jason Chasland’s voice alone. The entertainment value and sequined pleather is a bonus. If cabaret mixed with pop anthems and shiny costumes are your thing, check this show out.

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4 Stars

By Tania Nicholas