The Big Thingy is Nadia Collins’ new show, which we have been lucky enough to see first at the Adelaide Fringe. Heavily reliant on audience participation, the show was creative, fun, and different from any show I’ve seen so far this festival.

The premise of the show is that Collins is an alien who has arrived on Earth to learn about humans. Some of the show was planned with the aid of multimedia cues, however, most of the show involved interacting and learning about, and from, the people in the audience.

Held in the Cranny theatre at Producers Bar, this gave the show a real intimate air. There was a very small audience for the performance I went to, which perhaps would’ve seen a lesser performer struggle with a show so reliant on audience participation. However, it never felt like Collins ran out of ideas, with the show going off many tangents, such as dancing the Macarena. I cannot honestly think of a dull moment during the show.

The Big Thingy is a great example of how audience participation should be done. I really hope this show takes off and people around the world get to see it. A creative, funny, and weird delight from start to finish. Go and see this show before it finishes.

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5 Stars

By Tania Nicholas