UK comedian Ross Noble brings his unique brand of stand-up to Thebarton Theatre for his Adelaide Fringe season.

Ross enters the stage as El Hablador (no one calls him that) introducing a very Día de las Brujas, Day of The Dead feel to the décor however, this wasn’t really reflected in his show.

If you had have based the show solely off first impressions you might have thought you were at a rock concert! There were giant inflatable skulls, loud music and strobe lighting. Admittedly, I was half expecting Ozzy Osbourne to come crawling out from between the teeth of the giant skull head.

Ross’s comedic stylings are well known for being relatively freestyle and “off-the-cuff”. Last night’s show however, I feel trusted audience banter and observational humour.

Ross would back and forth with the crowd alternating between wisecracking with individuals from the audience or playing around with stereotypes – the Romanian who was clearly a vampire, The nuclear safety inspector, the female body builder or the Eskimo (sex worker) dying of frost-bite!

Ross is certainly a funny, eccentric and quick-witted comedian but I think his show could have benefitted from some pre-prepared material (I digress as I know that isn’t his gig). I only say this with direct reference to the bit where he tried to humorously pronounce chihuahua for about five minutes straight.

Ross’s loyal fans and lovers of his comedy style certainly won’t be disappointed with El Hablador as Ross riffs with onlookers and tickles your funny bone with his unique perspective on life.

The benefit to checking out Ross Noble at this year’s Adelaide Fringe is that no two shows will ever be the alike and you’ll be getting something new and equally bizarre each time.

Unfortunately, for me the show felt at times a bit like someone had walked on stage after drinking five red bulls in five minutes and directed this chaotic energy at us for two hours. It was certainly an enjoyable ride but I probably wanted to get off after about an hour and a half.

If you’re a lover of Ross Noble or of improvised, unpredictable comedy, or simply mucking around and not taking yourself (or life) too seriously then this show is for you!

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3.5 stars