The Doctor will see you now…

Dr Ahmed Kazmi, our favourite singing, dancing GP and part-time stand-up comic gave us life last night at Studio 7 in The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

While Ahmed’s target (and most appreciative) audience are his colleagues in medicine, all Fringe goers and patients alike can enjoy The Doctors comedy cabaret that finds the fun in what is typically a very unpleasant experience of a visit to the doctors.

The audience receives a proper and thorough consultation with the Doctor as he diagnoses all our idiosyncrasies with a prescription for laughter and sing-a-long cabaret.

Doctor Ahmed draws upon all our embarrassing bodies and awkward doctor/patient experiences as fodder for his resourceful and hilarious material.

We all know what it’s like to be a patient but Dr Ahmed gives us side-splitting insight about what it’s like to be sat on the other side of the desk (warts and all).

Whether it be no-knicker knee examinations or forgetful medical records, Dr Ahmed delights us with his stories and tips on how to get the best out of being a patient as well as insight into the reasons behind why your doctor is always late (and how you can stop contributing to extensive magazine flicking in waiting rooms)!

What surprised me most about Ahmed’s performance was the cabaret component to his stand-up routine. The Doctor might be a modern-day Florence Nightingale but I wasn’t expecting him to deliver Florence and The Machine. The man sings like an absolute angel!

While the show is filled with joy and laughter (and free medical advice) it occasionally grapples with some more melancholy matters such as racism, death, grief and love.

Dr Ahmed, while tackling some more pressing issues, does so with heart and soul and never leaves you on a sour note.

I guarantee you’ll leave feeling uplifted, inspired and glad that you attended your appointment.

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4 Stars

by Daisy Sumersford