Neither the show poster nor the name give away the best thing about PO PO MO CO’s Nosfer-ARSE-tu. The only thing you really need to know: It’s arse puppetry. And you need to see it.

Queer Melbourne based comedy troupe PO PO MO CO (short for Post Post Modern Comedy, in case you’re as confused as I was) reimagine the legendary vampire horror journey as a ‘frivolous homosexual adventure’ – where the bloodthirsty villains are played by the casts’ asses, slapped with giant, rattling googly eyes and blood-red fanged prop mouths.

Narrated by burlesque bombshell Nurse Regina, the queer collective acts out the tale by shifting through a myriad of characters, from scrummy village people to lusting witches – each of them unique, each of them pricelessly funny. Audience interaction is safe and unintimidating, and Regina spurs on the drama to the final applause (or sensual groan).

Mix What We Do In The Shadows with slapstick Monty Python-esque puns, add queer, sex-positive vibes topped off by decorated derrières, and you have the wacky comedic excellence that is Nosfer-ARSE-tu.

It’s camp, it’s silly and sexually consensual, and it is gut-bustlingly funny. No surprise PO PO MO CO received a weekly emerging artist Fringe award just moments after the show.

4 stars

By Valentina Corona