Perth band Hideous Sun Demon have just dropped an album, released a single, churned out an accompanying video and announced a 15 date tour.

One of those dates is Thursday, August 2nd at the Ed Castle Hotel, so we thought, with 15 tour dates coming up, we’d as Hideous Sun Demon about the five wackiest moments they’ve had on the road.

Here’s what they said:

  • Last year in July we toured New Zealand with the legends in Miss June. We were carrying our instruments out and were about to call some Ubers on Karangahape Road when a big Maori guy asked if we play rock music. We said yes and he immediately started belting out ‘Chop Suey’ by System of a Down in a rich baritone. Both bands sung along. He also rappedĀ  while Blake beatboxed.


  • While we were driving to Whanganui in the silver bullet (our eight seat hire van) we ran into trouble on a mountain. The fuel light had been on for some time, it was raining, we had no reception and had no idea where we were. We were listening to ‘I feel love’ by Donna Summer in silence, probably thinking of our loved ones. It was pitch black and we went to pull over to let some locals pass and got bogged. I remember a lot of blokes pretending to know about car stuff (myself included) as we tore wet leaves and tried to put them under the back wheels for traction. Fortunately some Kiwis on a quad bike, who lived on a nearby farm, came by and towed us out with a rope.


  • We did three gigs in one day once. It was our ‘Hunkyboi Wetsuit Tour’ and it was Record Store Day. We did a day set at the Evelyn, played the curtin with Mangelwurzel (last show maybe?) and finished the night at the Grace Darling basement. There was a lot of amp moving/Ubers. I broke my bass’ E string in the basement which confused/surprisedĀ the hell out of me.


  • One time we played for some hippies in the Freo Myer basement. It was pretty much a doof in the bottom level of a former department store. A young Superego (FKA POW! Negro) played before us and killed it. The generator power kept cutting out during our set and was killing the vibe. To compensate, some of us got naked to keep the show rolling. Then the crowd start joining in. It was weird and fun.

timthumb2 (6)

  • Last but not least is the ‘Vincent Vanilla Coke Tooth Incident’. He had a gnarly mouth when we got to Tasmania and I remember him spitting blood. It was gross. The pharmacist only gave him Panadol (thanks). On top of this, we were staying at the Brisbane Hotel. It’s the real deal. No hot water, broken beds with glass in them. It made Hobart McDonald’s seem like an oasis. Don’t get me wrong, we do love the place. Half of us slept in the ‘womb room’ a post Dark Mofo art/safe space. It was a warm, pink, soft room you had to crawl into. When we arrived in NZ Vin’s mouth gave up. He was in extreme pain and his jaw swelled up. He immediately went to emergency at 3am to get it sorted. There’s more to this story but the moral is: brush your teeth.