Monster Fest travelling sideshow rolls into GU Film House Adelaide this weekend for three days of pure movie mayhem.

The sideshow, which is cruising around states ahead of the huge November Monster Film Fest in Melbourne, is set to screen a South Aussie debut and a local classic on Friday night.

Co-Founder of Monster Fest and film distributer Monster Pictures Grant Hardie said he’s looking forward to kicking off the weekend with screenings of The School and Bad Boy Bubby.

The School was shot in Sydney but the filmmaker is from Adelaide. His name’s Storm Ashwood. He started at Flinders University, and has gone on to work on several films and this is his feature film debut,” he says. “So I thought it was very fitting to have the world premiere in Adelaide.

“We have a lot of the actors from the film coming over, including Nicholas Hope, who stars in the film, and Megan Drury, and producers, and Storm himself will be coming over for a Q&A.

“And then there’s going to be a 25th anniversary screening of Bad Boy Bubby with Nicholas Bad Boy Bubby there himself, so I’m super excited for that.”

After the screening of the popular classic 1993 flick, Grant will put Nicholas Hope under the spotlight for a no holds barred Q&A, so grab tickets now.

“Tickets are selling incredibly well, and I feel like because it’s an Adelaide film and bit of an institution, people are really responding to it and Nicholas has already given me some behind the scenes insights into the shoot. He’s told me that there’s no off limits questions, so I think there’ll be a few revelations to people as to what actually went on at that shoot!” Grant laughs.

A dedicated horror fan, Grant set up Monster Pictures to distribute genre films and the festival and side events grew from that.

“We started up a horror specific genre film label to release horror films in Australia and as a part of that, we thought we’d also like to run a horror film festival. So about a year after we established Monster Pictures, we threw caution to the wind and started Monster Fest and it’s grown steadily ever since,” he says.

“I grew up on horror films as a real fan. My mother bought me a horror movie for Christmas when I was about 12 and it just fascinated me. I used to sneak up in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep and turn on the TV and watch night horror films. So, it was a bit of a childhood obsession that turned into a career.”

When asked what his favourite film of all time, Grant answers without skipping a beat.

“It’s Mad Max II. My mother who took me to see it when I was young, and it just stayed with me for all these years. It’s a film I could just watch over and over and over again and never get sick of,” he says.

If you haven’t attended Monster Fest in Melbourne, Grant says this weekend’s sideshow is a good way to get a taste of the main event in November.

“Over the four days of Monster Fest, we do more than 25 films. We do about six side shows a year. We do them in conjunction with Event Cinemas in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth and sometimes regional ones if the opportunity arises,” he says.

“The sideshows give people a taste of what we do in Melbourne. The grander plan is to expand them and quite possibly put them on at the festival we do in Melbourne.”

But before they do, make sure you get along to GU Film House in Adelaide this weekend. Tickets are HERE.


By Libby Parker