Cabaret favourite Libby O’Donovan, renowned for her nuanced interpretations, incomparable charisma and extraordinary voice, has today released her new album and it’s a little different and a lot special.

Back to Broken Hill is the third studio album from the critically acclaimed Jazz and Cabaret performer and award-winning musical director.

“I have lived in Adelaide for years now, but I actually spent my childhood growing up in Broken Hill. Broken Hill is a fabulous, iconic and quintessentially Australian outback town,” she says.

“I truly believe that so many artists come from Broken Hill because we develop our own unique sense of artistic voice. The landscape, the isolation, the red dirt, the history… all of that, I think, contributes to Broken Hill possessing its own literally, cultural and musical voice. My added joy was that I grew up in the St. Peter’s Rectory, so my childhood saw a rich tapestry of people, which helped to shape my story.”

Still laced with  jazz influence, like the searing beauty in track eight, ‘All That I Wanted’, Back to Broken Hill is a beautiful collection of story telling songs with a bit of a country swing, like the funny and moving ‘Estelle’.

“This album has smatterings of all of the styles that influence my songwriting. I definitely have some jazz elements, some singer songwriter elements and my latest influence, Australian Country Music. I love songs that tell stories and that connect with people. I hope that my songs can touch and move people in a way that only music can,” Libby says.

“I really love the song, Estelle. It’s about the strong, unbreakable bond sisters have. Although the lyrics denote specific things from my childhood, I always hear from people that they can absolutely relate.”

Signing with ABC music for its release Back to Broken Hill is littered with the comedy, outstanding musical talent and genuine honesty that is Libby O’Donovan.

“I’m thrilled to be signed for the first time with a label,” Libby says. “ABC Music is an excellent label. It celebrates and supports local Australian voices, and I’m so proud to be supported by them and to have my album digitally released through ABC. I have my physical album on the road with me as I tour, which is also great.”

Having toured Australia extensively with Australian Country Music legend, Beccy Cole,
Libby has garnered a following from country music fans nation-wide and this new offering is sure to appeal.

Back To Broken Hill is filled with an iconic Australian voice told with impressive vocals, stunning lyrics and outstanding production by Matt Fell, Beccy Cole with Libby O’Donovan.

Playing on the album are country music genius, Stuie French, James Gillard, who has played with the who’s who of Australian bands for decades, piano maestro Bill Risby, and multi instrumentalist Matt Fell.

Pick up your copy of Libby O’Donovan’s Back to Broken Hill today from ABC Music.