In August 2016, someone very significant in Carla Mattiazzo’s life vanished, leaving only a card and a million unanswered questions in their place.

Faced with grief, a mystery and a huge sense of loss, the cabaret star with almost three decades’ experience treading the boards decided to write a show about it.

That’s Life was the result and after a highly successful Adelaide Fringe run, Carla is bringing it back on December 7 at A-Club.

The show is an honest and intriguing work of cabaret where Carla guides the audience through the subsequent months of enquiry and discovery of her family story with poignancy and agency.

“Life was going pretty swimmingly [at the time of the disappearance]. Nothing had changed. I was performing and teaching, my bro and dad were in their respective jobs; my dogs were great. Sometimes life doesn’t give us the answers we want,” she says.

“I chose to write a show about it for my own therapy, for other people’s therapy and to show people that if I can get though and past this, they can achieve anything.”


Directed by award winning director, Vince Fusco, That’s Life premiered in 2017 and has been touring Australia ever since, which has been cathartic for the seasoned performer.

“It has helped me more then words can say,” Carla says. “I have become stronger; I see things differently. I love myself these days and have a healthy sense of self respect, which I didn’t before as my mum always told me I was never good enough.”

Despite the heavy subject matter, Carla says she approaches the content with sensitivity and a sprinkling of humour, which audiences have responded to with great positivity.

“People have loved the show. I’ve had numerous repeat audience members,” she says. “They reflect on their lives; they have been in awe of the story itself and the music that makes the emotions spill out.”

And while the show has been therapeutic for Carla, she hopes it will leave audiences feeling as fulfilled as she does now.

“I hope people see how important love is for others and for yourself. I hope people cherish those important to them in a more obvious way. I hope people l learn that one must and always should trust their gut instinct,” she says.

You can catch Carla Mattiazzo at A-Club on December 7. Book your tickets HERE.

By Libby Parker