Singer, songwriter and emerging artist Jacie (AKA Jamie Chilvers) is about to burst onto the music scene with a brilliant EP and a swag of talent.

The 17-year-old is launching her debut EP From Here next week, which features four stellar original tracks recorded at Wizard Tones studios with mixing and mastering done by James Brown.

Teaming up with four other young musicians (the youngest is 15!), Jacie has created an eclectic recording of tunes that are very easy on the ear.

With jazzy saxophone, smoky vocals and poignant lyrics, From Here is a beautiful arrangement and is reflective of Jacie’s education and influences.

“I study a fair bit of jazz and play double bass in a few jazz ensembles at Woodville High School, and I kinda fell in love with it from there,” she says.

“I grew up listening to a lot of artists like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones – all of whom seem to have similar balance of pop and jazz influences. More recently I’ve loved listening to fantastic female composers and performers such as Esperanza Spalding, Lianne La Havas, Cecile McLorin Salvant, Alicia Keys, and Emily King.”

While her EP makes for some exceptional listening, her live performance is where she loves to be.

jamie chilvers-98
Click to listen to From Here

And you don’t have to wait long to see Jacie and the band perform, because the From Here launch is happening at the Railway Hotel on Friday September 7 with tickets available HERE.

“I love how I can communicate with others through music. Sometimes words alone are not enough to get the entirety of a message across, but with melody and harmony, rhythm and timbre there is a whole new level of understanding and depth. There is also a crazy vulnerability that comes with singing and performing, particularly original music. It can be terrifying. It’s amazing how it can fast track your relationship with others, if that makes sense?” she says.

Jacie is optimistic and enthusiastic about her musical future, particularly in the Adelaide scene and is setting her sights and goals high.

“There is such a supportive community of artists, organisers and listeners [in Adelaide] that is really precious I think. There is also such a plethora of genres presented by musos. It’s very cool that Adelaide is home to such an eclectic bunch of artists,” she says.

“My musical goal was for each release to raise money and awareness for a particular cause. The song ‘From Here’ is particularly about that and how I have decided on my values and what impact I want to make in my lifetime. Early next year I will be ‘interning’ for a organisation called HEAL in Uganda to try to help abandoned or windowed women and their children to get back on their feet and stay together.

“So my idea was for any profits to go to that. Unfortunately, being a tiny muso, I won’t be reaping in such a great profit from this project and am hoping to make just enough to pay my band! But, it’s all a process and I’ll try my best to work my way out there and gradually be able to do my part,” she says.

“Besides that, I would love to play at WOMAD! It’s my favourite weekend of every year.”

And we hope she gets there. Get along to see Jacie at the Railway Hotel on Friday September 7. TICKETS HERE.

By Libby Parker
Photos supplied