Adelaide alternative band Submerge have a reputation for their energy charged live show and menacing melodies.

Formed in mid 2014, Submerge have gone through a few line-up changes with the most recent settling on Aaron (vocals), Sally (guitar), Nick  (guitar), Pearl (bass) and Dan (drums).

With their latest album Insert Control released this year, Submerge are going great guns; in fact, they’ve just been nominated for a SAM Award in the Rock category.

Bassist Pearl is thrilled with the nomination and for the opportunity Music SA’s awards event gives to local bands.

“[We feel] honoured, loved, grateful, thankful that we get to make music that people love, and that such a thing (the awards) exists to celebrate the efforts of Submerge, but all those who have been nominated,” she says. “It can be a tough ol’ world out there sometimes for original musicians, so opportunities like this are a great time to reflect and celebrate, and fill up the fuel tank to smash out more tunes!”

And while the goal is always to take the music on the road, Pearl says the band still calls Adelaide home.

“It is funny, playing in other cities and coming home. Sometimes in other cities you might be playing to bigger crowds, but Adelaide has an ironic kind of warmth around this time of year. I think right now it has this nice optimum balance of big country town and booming music scene. We are lucky enough to live in a city that has been named a UNESCO City of Music, and that is home to so many venues that provide for the ‘creative antics’ of our lead singer,” she laughs.

“Not many venues allow someone wirelessly to climb through the window, outdoors to the beer garden, and dance among the ping pong tables without affecting the sound (shout out to the Sceptre).”

Submerge are excited about being part of the SAM Awards, but are also in awe of other artists who are up for a gong and are happy to offer us their hot tips.

“Well I have never been involved in footy tipping in my life, but I feel like this one I at least have an idea!” Pearl laughs.

Here they are in no particular order:

“James Hickey and Emily Davis in the Blue/Roots Artist category
Kelly Brouhaha in the Country Artist Category
Mary Webb and Courtney Robb in Folk Artist
Adam Page for Jazz/Art Music
Fleur Green and the Keepers in Pop Artist
Stabbitha & the Knifey Wifeys in Punk Artist”

“I think that’s it,” she says. “Honestly, in the heavy and electronic artist, I don’t have a favourite, but I do have homework because I’m going to go and listen to all the nominees and check them out. That is what is good about these awards; you can hook up with people that you might not have heard of before.”

Connecting with artists is a beautiful thing, but so too is connecting with judges. We asked Pearl if there was a judge she could bribe, who would it be and what she would bribe them with.

“I originally read this question as ‘if we could be a judge, what could we be bribed with’. So I’ll answer the question I made up in my head first:

“Sal would be bribed with VB tins or cats, Az would be bribed with new sets of messed up contact lenses or a jungle gym to climb over, Nick would be bribed with a life time supply of picks; maybe magnetic ones that stick to things or like Dorothy’s Red Shoes you click your fingers three times and picks appear, Dan would be robot sex dolls and I could be bribed with shiny things, light up things, glitter, head pats,” she says.

And the answer to the actual question?

“If we could bribe a judge it would be Spoz with all of the beer, light up shoes and a metric fuckton of instant noodles,” Pearl says.

We reckon they’re on to something there…

You can vote in the SAM Awards now but hurry because voting closes Monday September 17.

Read more about Submerge and buy their music HERE.

By Libby Parker