When I heard that the one and only G Flip was heading into little old Adelaide, I wondered how many flip puns I could get past one editor (probably a few! – Ed). I’ll be heading to Jive for a flippin’ (one) good time.

Unless you’ve been banged up abroad or under a proverbial rock, G Flip’s name or her music would have at some stage graced your ears during 2018. Georgia Flipo (AKA G Flip) has exploded onto the scene and there is no end in sight for this musical dynamo.

From teaching kids drums from home to sold out shows, Georgina has flipped (two) the art of music production on its head. After making the decision to spend 2017 in her bedroom behind drums, guitars, keyboards and synths honing her craft, Georgia was ready.


Releasing her first track, ‘About You’ on Triple J’s Unearthed in February this year, Georgina has been doing backflips (three) trying to keep up with her busy schedule. With all but one Australian shows now sold out you’ll be packing your flip flops (four) and heading to Europe in order to see her perform – and perform she does.

From her trademark of wearing odd shoes to mastering the skill of being able to move seamlessly through several musical instruments while belting out catchy pop lyrics, G Flip has become the new triple threat.

G Flip will be performing to sold out shows across Australia throughout September before heading to Europe during October finishing up at Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris, France.

But you can catch her tonight at Jive if you were lucky enough to get a ticket because Adelaide has sold out, too!

Check out the photos from the gig.

By Katrina Hall