Today at the Exeter, She’s The Band are launching their digital EP A Place of Our Own by having a two stage, all evening festival of excellent music.

FB_IMG_1532239208203Having released their EP on September 14, the band is all set to unleash the live tunes on audiences with a little help from their friends.

Starting at the civilised hour of 5pm, The Exeter’s beer garden will host Little Mountain (5pm), Saucy Paws (5:45pm), and PBCBs (6:30pm) followed by the feature act, She’s the Band (7:30pm).

While in the front bar, Sobaka will play at 9pm, Thrashboard –at 9:45pm and finally Tiersman at 10:30pm.

Since their last release of a 7″ record, She’s The Band have undergone a slight line up change and rethought their style.

Still with a strong feminist punk-rock sound, Amy (drums), Nina (guitar/vocals), Elsha (vocals/screams) and Hanky (bass) have moved towards a tougher, more hardcore edge, which Amy says has taken them in a new direction.

“After our fifth member moved interstate, we decided to carry on as a four piece. She had contributed keys, jazzy vocals and song writing to the band. It was an interesting learning curve to see how we adapted and then grew from that, using our instruments and voices differently, and coming up with songs that in the end have become heavier yet more cohesive for it,” she says.

This latest five track digital release (the band wanted to lessen landfill and their carbon footprint) is a united stance on their values and packs a punch both musically and lyrically, and the band can’t wait to share it with you.

“The show will be a really fun time, and ranges from acoustic all the way through to post hardcore. Hopefully it has something for everyone. We’re also really looking forward to playing our new EP live too,” Amy says.

“It feels freeing to have gone through the agonising writing stage where you over-think every riff and every line in some songs, whilst other songs seem to almost pop out fully written, everything can just fall into place. To have these new tracks out in the world and to be proud of each and every one of them is really exciting.”

And the track from the new EP that Amy is most looking forward to playing live is ‘Salvage’, so make sure you keep an ear out for that one at The Exeter tonight.

“The power behind ‘Salvage’ is one that really gets us all fired up live, as it’s just such an emotional and intense song, musically and lyrically,” she says.

But there will also be plenty more to listen out for when you get along to the launch tonight.

“It’s going to be a really nice mix of music, from happy acoustic to rock to party trumpet vibes to punk and hardcore then a DJ to dance the night away,” Amy says.

“As the day turns into night, we hope there will be a little something for everyone. Plus the Exeter is always a wonderful venue for live music. They’ve been great to let us take over their Saturday.”

So if you want a great evening of free, fantastic tunes and some pretty cool merch (not free, but totally worth it), get to The Exeter on Rundle Street from 4pm, Saturday September 22.

More details HERE.