He’s only 19, but singer, songwriter and producer Jack Gray from the Sunshine Coast is taking the world by storm.

Currently touring with Dean Lewis, Jack has performed around the world, including the UK and he made his US live debut at LA’s Winston House.

His new single ‘My Hands’ is the follow up to his track from 2017 Red Rental Car (which has had over 1.1 million streams) and is about complex relationships

“[The song was inspired by] a friend and his girlfriend. It’s about sticking around in a relationship for the purpose of lust, even though it’s not a stable environment,” he says.

With his DIY approach to his music and his genuine humility about being a success at such a young age, Jack Gray is setting himself up for great things.

“Honestly, it’s surreal! I’ve learned so much and I feel like I am growing up and maturing as an artist, which is my biggest goal,” Jack says of touring the world with Dean Lewis.

“I feel kinda of guilty because it’s unfair on others who work regular jobs. However, I use that guilt to remember to appreciate every day I do this.”

And while there’s no place like home, Jack says he loves playing overseas, especially Dublin, Ireland.

“Those guys have a similar culture to us back home in Australia so I feel super comfortable and they were honestly just so enthusiast and attentive. Love that place!” he says.

Click the image to listen to Jack Gray’s new single ‘My Hands’ which is out now: