Dutch metallers Within Temptation have released the music video for ‘The Reckoning‘, the first single from their upcoming album, Resist. The track features a guest appearance by Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix.

“We’re super excited to finally share with you the music video of ‘The Reckoning‘. We know the wait was long, but we are extremely psyched to share our new music with you and we truly hope you enjoy it as much as we do!” commented Within Temptation vocalist Sharon Den Adel.

Lead singer Sharon den Adel continues: “Resist is a true milestone for us. If it wasn’t for Resist, Within Temptation wouldn’t be here anymore. With this record, we’ve taken inspiration from modern music and gave it a face – a very dark one. Sometimes it feels that today’s pop music lacks a rebellious edge”.

Resist is set for release on 14 December 2018 via Vertigo/Caroline Australia. Resist brings a futuristic take on metal to the table – both instrumentally and thematically. Resist will also feature In Flames’ Anders Fridén and Arid’s Jasper Steverlinck on guest vocals.