This week at Raj House, three individuals will sit on a couch and discuss the big issues for bi, intersex and transgender people.

In a session open to anyone and everyone, the session will feature a bi person speaking about erasure, an intersex person on invisibility and a transgender person on acceptance.

The couch panel is made up Emmica, Carylon and Gail who will be answering questions from the facilitator on their experiences followed by a Q&A session from the audience.

Event organiser Lisette Claremont says the event was inspired by a similar community event.

“Bits came about from my attending the Better Together conference in January this year. At this conference I caught up with some truly amazing members of our community,” she says.

“Parts of the community that would not normally get to be in the spot light were discussed: the invisibility of intersex people, the exclusion of bi people and the lack of inclusion of transgender people. From the discussions and forums BITS, as an idea, came to be.”

Lisette says events like BITS on the Couch are crucial to the community to inform, educate and include.

“Visibility and inclusion are important to these members of the community. Without this sort of event, a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding occurs,” she says. “Before I went to the conference, I did not know about the Darlington Statement [intersex human rights] and that there are 40 different gender variants.

“I also had the great pleasure to talk with really inspirational Bi people like Ruby Rose. Talking to people here at home about their difficulties with both the gay and lesbian communities, and the straight community is so important to progress and acceptance.”

BITS is set to be an informative, supportive and inclusive evening of discussion, and Lisette is looking forward to meeting many more members of the community and supporters.

“From this event, people will gain a greater understanding of what it is like to be a bi person, an intersex person and a transgender person. We hope that with visibility will come inclusion into all levels of society.”

For a wonderful learning, supportive experience, grab your tickets now as they are not available at the door.

The session starts at 7pm at the Raj House Back Flamingo Room, 54 Hyde St Adelaide on Thursday 15th November.

Tickets are $5 / $3 Concession