Reading the Fringe blurb for Becky Lucas – ‘Um, support me?!’ you get a sense of how busy this comedian is right now. In addition to TV spots on ABC2 and Network Ten, writing for Stan, and performing at the Sydney Opera House, the Melbourne International Comedy Gala and Edinburgh Fringe, Lucas was also booted from Twitter for a joke about Scott Morrison.

At least amongst all that activity, the internationally acclaimed comedian has found time to bring her first show to the Adelaide Fringe, including a two-night run of performances in the Hills at Stirling. And she’s feeling pretty upbeat about things.

“My show this year feels like it’s going to be my most fun!” she says. “I’m in a good mood, which is wildly off brand, but I’m excited to debut my new attitude nonetheless.

“It’s the first year that I’ve done it (Adelaide Fringe), but I’m obsessed with being included in anything so I’m really enjoying that feeling!”

And as for her run of shows at Stirling Fringe?

“I’ve heard it’s a really fun place to just go buckwild and be really experimental which sounds…scary!” she laughs. “I’ll be hiding out in my hotel room watching ‘Peep Show’ in the aircon. Just kidding! I think I’m just excited to be a part of it all and watch a bunch of shows I don’t get to see at other times of the year.”

Lucas isn’t giving too much away about what’s in her new show, however, leaving audiences to discover for themselves.

“People should come to my show because I believe that I can make them laugh. I feel like this is my most introspective and narcissistic show yet, but in a way I feel like it will connect with people. If that makes sense? I dunno! Just come, it will be fun. I’m fun.”

Following her debut at Stirling Fringe and shows at Gluttony, ‘Um, support me?!’ will travel to comedy festivals in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Lucas jokes about the power of audiences here as she kicks off this extensive run.

“This is my Fringe debut so every audience and every show will be the determining factor in whether I ever return. Can you imagine having that much power? If you don’t laugh I may never come back!”

Becky Lucas – ‘Um, support me?!‘: The Pocket, Stirling FringeGluttony – Masonic Lodge, with tickets available via FringeTix.

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