Flying. It’s one of the luxuries of modern life, right? But what about when things go wrong. Your leisurely holiday could be hijacked by a terrorist any day now. Aviophobia, or a fear of flying, is a real thing. But for the thrill seekers among us, FLIGHT, by the twisted minds who brought us Séance, puts you right in the middle of that situation.

You might think you’re safe going into this experience with a friend because, hey, you can sit next to each other and giggle the whole way through. Oh no. Just like catching a cheap Tiger flight, you are allocated a seat at random, placing you next to a stranger to suffer through the ordeal. Don’t get me wrong, this is a clever move on DARKFIELD, the production company’s, part. They have created a simulation so immersive and unnerving that from when the cabin lights go out you are already clutching to your seatbelt buckle.

The setting is claustrophobically plane like, with window seats, middle seats and aisle seats, just like the real thing. You can even put your bag in the overhead locker or under your seat. These touches add to the effect of the experience feeling real as you stare at the clip locked tray and pouch on the seat in front of you. Ready for take-off!

The audio in FLIGHT is tremendously terrifying. Being plunged into pitch black with only your imagination to guide you through the familiar yet nerve-wracking sounds of being on a plane where something isn’t quite right had me tense throughout the 20-minute experience.

There were moments during the experience that broke the illusion which were unnecessary but gave you relief that it wasn’t real. I’m undecided as to whether I enjoyed those parts of the show but regardless I encourage the brave to experience this phenomenon. You may or may not crap yourself.

FLIGHT is showing at the Garden of Unearthly Delights until March 17. Get your boarding pass here.

Rating: 4 stars