After dazzling viewers on hit US TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us and winning millions of viral internet fans with his ‘beer magic’, Melbourne magician Dom Chambers is returning to the Adelaide Fringe with even more laughs and pints up his sleeve in RanDom.

In 2018 Dom Chambers became the first Australian-based act to appear on the Las Vegas magic competition show wowing top magicians Penn Jillette and Teller, host Alyson Hannigan and millions of viewers with his incredible beer-based illusions.

Now he’s bringing his hilarious and charming style of magic to the Parasol Lounge at Gluttony for two weeks in March.

Magic was something Dom’s grandfather inspired him with as a kid and now it’s really taking him places.

“It’s always been my thing. I’ve always done magic since I was a little kid. I didn’t always want to be a magician, which we will actually discuss in the show. I discuss what I did want to be, without giving away too much. But I always did magic when I was little and I was about fifteen or sixteen when I started doing birthday parties. Then I went to university and got a real job, but then decided that the magic was more fun, so I took it on full time when I was about 21,” he says.

“My granddad learned magic so that he could connect with all his grand kids; through some sort of fun hobby. And he would show us tricks and then teach us tricks, so he was this kind of magician figure. And I really got into it when he was around. We used to do a lot of magic throughout my eighteen years. He was a huge help and basically the reason I do magic.”

From his first trick to his most recent magic mastery, Dom Chambers has been impressing people all over the world.

“One of the first tricks I ever did would have been the ball and vase. It’s a classic little magic trick from the magic shop. My tastes in magic have changed quite significantly since,” he laughs.

“The Penn & Teller thing was cool, though. That thing with the beer that I did on the show, I had actually just made it, and I thought we’d send it in and say, ‘Hey guys I just made this, what do you think?’ and they were like ‘We want it on the show!’. That was exciting but incredibly nerve racking because it was a brand new thing that I had never really practised or rehearsed before, and then I was going to go do it on international TV without rehearsing. It was maybe my fifth time in front of an audience performing that trick.”

After a string of sold out shows, Dom was invited to perform at esteemed magic venue The Magic Castle in Hollywood, which he says was an incredible experience.

“That was amazing. It’s a real goal for magicians, to be invited to perform there. It’s one of the real peaks of a magician’s career I think, to be able to perform at the Magic Castle. And that’s been my goal for quite a few years now. I’ve applied a couple times before and it’s just really tough to get your foot in the door, but after Penn & Teller, I was able to get myself a gig. The castle is genuinely magical; it’s just wonderful. There’s honestly no better place to perform magic,” he says.

“And people definitely warm to Australian performers, especially in the States. There’s that sort of inherent coolness of having an Australian accent. People in America seem to love Aussies.”

Now returning to Australia an established and incredibly popular magician, Dom is looking forward to being part of the Adelaide Fringe scene and being mentored by magician Matt Tarrant.

“I’m looking forward to the Adelaide crowd. I think Adelaide really embraces The Fringe and that’s really wonderful. I love the energy and the vibe and the way. The city really lights up when Fringe is on, there’s just this energy in the air, which you can really feel,” he says.

“I’ve been really lucky to have been awarded the Matt Tarrant Mentorship grant. Matt’s been an Adelaide favourite and a big star of the Fringe for the past few years. He’s really helped me. It’s really cool being able to learn from someone who’s sold, I think, more tickets than any other performer in the history of Adelaide Fringe. Hopefully his wisdom and knowledge is going to help me to actually have an audience.”

You can catch Dom Chambers in RanDom at Gluttony at March by grabbing your tickets HERE.

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