Starting up in Melbourne in the early 00s, The Getaway Plan are showing no signs of stopping as they continue to tour the country.

Bringing us our favourites backed by passion and hard work, The Getaway Plan are currently on the road with Dream on Dreamer bringing back memories for fans and creating new ones.

Lead guitarist Clint Ellis says the highlights he has encountered so far are varied and many, but an all important support slot kicked things off for the band.

“There’s been many highlights but touring arenas around the country supporting My Chemical Romance was a huge step up for us early on. There was no way we could prepare for something that big, so we just did our best to adapt to the big stage. It was huge for our popularity, so I think we managed it quite well,” he says.

But while the big arena shows are always a highlight, there’s no place like home for the Melbourne band.

“[Playing at home] definitely makes it easier, but it also has its downside. Touring out of the state is less of a hassle and closer to a holiday as you can escape the home life. But touring near Melbourne makes it harder to disconnect and just focus on the show. Though there’s nothing better than getting to sleep in your own bed,” Clint says.

Travelling together and being close mates has created some great touring tales, especially when bassist Mike Maio is involved.

“We love touring together and always have an awesome time. We’re experienced enough to know if we need to give each other space so we can avoid any unnecessary tension. We do need to keep an eye on Mike sometimes though. He has a tendency to either lose valuable things or climb and jump off giant cliffs, so he keeps us on our toes,” Clint laughs.

Inspiration comes from the everyday for the guys, with this avenue for creativity being an important one.

“I think for most artists including ourselves it’s just life in general. As I got older, I learnt that I don’t really have a choice when it comes to the question of creating music. I’ve spent some time trying to take a break, but I always come crawling back. Some things are just too hard to express through words, so having an outlet like music is an invaluable ally,” Clint says.

When it comes to creating a set list, the band seem to have the vote sorted.

“It’s fairly democratic,” Clint explains, “when it comes to set lists. We just put forward our ideas and consolidate them into something we can all get into. Generally ‘City Meets the Sea’ and ‘Heartstone’ make it into every setlist.”

But on fans and weird gifts, Clint has seen it all.

“We love meeting our fans and I reckon we’ve met thousands by now. We’ve received some amazing gifts including vegan muffins, drawings of the band and once a fan even gave me a vial of her blood! Never a dull moment really,” he says.

The band are thrilled to be out on the road with fellow Aussie rockers Dream On Dreamer because they have shared a connection for a while, despite being different in sound.

“Very excited!” Clint says. “We’ve been friends with them before they were even a band, so it’s been a long time coming for us to tour together. Our styles aren’t too similar, but I’ve met plenty of fans who love us both, so we’re looking forward to a really special tour.”

And after the tour, fans of The Getaway Plan can look forward to new music, so hang out for that in the near future!

“We don’t have any concrete plans as of yet [but] we’re feeling very inspired at the moment so once this tour is over, we can create some blueprints for a future release,” Clint says.

The tour has already begun and The Getaway Plan will be in Adelaide on March 8 at Lion Arts Factory, so get yourself to a gig! Grab your tickets now.