From the top-end of Australia, Amy Hetherington is coming to Adelaide Fringe and bringing with her a  balance of infectious optimism and tales of Darwin’s batsh*t insanity.

After sell out shows at Adelaide Fringe, Perth FRINGE WORLD and MICF Amy’s second solo show Where They Hide The Crazy is full to the brim with terminal positivity, high energy and audience interaction.

We asked Amy to tell us her five favourite things to do at Fringe and she did not disappoint.

OMG! It’s Fringe time!

There are a million things to do and Adelaide (let’s be honest) you’ve gotta make the most of it before things go back to normal here.

I’m visiting your fine city from Darwin, so I’m planning to get as much fun in as possible. And to help out, here’s my 5 favourite fun things to do at Adelaide Fringe!

  1. Go and see something weird

Fringe is the perfect time to jump on a train with no idea of the direction it’s heading. Pick a show in the program that you have no idea about, take a gamble, go to a strange and isolated corner of the Fringe and have your mind blown. The good thing about this is if it’s a great show – win. Id the show was weird or awful – it’s still a win cos you have something to talk about for years!

  1. Be a bit weird yourself

I reckon Fringe is the perfect time to wear something daring, or go out with glitter for the hell of it. Join in the madness yourself. You don’t have to be a performer to have a mad fun time. I recommend heading to Fox on the Run and buying something that screams I-don’t-usually-have-the-balls-to-wear-this-but-it’s-Fringe-so-I’ll-just-do-it.

  1. Late Night Showcases

I’ve seen some unforgettable things at late night showcases at Adelaide Fringe. There’s something about the perfect mix of sleep deprivation, beer and adrenalin that happens to comedians at the end of the night that always results in weird comedy performances. The other great thing about these late night showcases is you never know who is going to be on the lineup and it could be someone famous on the telly. I highly recommend Late Night Comedy at The Wine Centre cos the hosts Marcel and Kel are next level awesome.

  1. Food food food food food food food!

Get your butt down to The Garden of Unearthly Delights and go on a Fringe food tour. My friend Danielle and I do this every year. We do our own version of festival tapas and gorge ourselves on food served from stalls and caravans. My personal favourites are Adelaide’s Famous Poffertjes and Veggie Galley. This should be a night without any shows too cos you don’t want to eat too much and try and laugh straight afterwards cos you can make yourself sick (this isn’t from any personal experience… honest).

  1. Be kind to someone flyering

Flyering can be annoying sure, but you know what I like to do. Have a damn good chat to someone flyering and make them feel good about human beings. Often the people flyering you on the streets are hardworking lovely artists or even volunteers trying to make the Fringe the sort of festival we can be proud of. So, even if you find it annoying, be pleasant, smile and if you’re feeling brave have a good old friendly conversation with them! Who knows they might be famous one day and then you can have that as a solid claim to fame! 

Get along to see Amy’s show and follow her tips for Fringe and you will be guaranteed a funtastic festive season!

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