Welcome to The Adelaide Fringe’s very own bubble orgy!

The Bubble Show for Adults Only demonstrates bubble-blowing in a way you’ve probably never seen before. In fact, probably in a way you’ll likely never see again!

The cast consists of one leading lady (and both her bubbles) and her male suitor. The two spend the next hour on stage pursuing each other in a bubbly, sudsy, soapy mess!

Just in case you didn’t know bubble artistry was a thing – it’s a thing!

In fact, if there is one take-away from this show that audiences will write home about it is the incredible bubble art!

Both performers completely immerse you in fantasy world of magic and wonderment. Bubble Show for Adults is beautiful one moment and savagely perverted the next! Try to imagine your high school chemistry class but on steroids!

You’ll see bubbles dance, float, shake, burst and bounce all delightfully orchestrated by the weird and whacky pair that are making them.

Forget those tiny poxy bubbles you get at weddings and certainly disregard everything you ever experienced playing with bubbles as a child!

One word of advice however, you may not want to take a family member along with you to see Bubble Show for Adults as it does have the potential to break out into a full-blown bubble orgy. I don’t want to spoil the show for you so I will just say this…audience participation may involve some smooching and heavy petting!

This show may not appeal to everyone especially those who are easily offended (yes, there are a few naughty bubbles blown) but of all the shows at Adelaide Fringe this year Bubble Show for Adults embodies what the roots and heart of Fringe Festival is all about – the whacky, the weird and the wonderful!

4 stars

By Daisy Sumersford