What do you get when two female best friends decide to get together to write a sketch show but then decide that maybe it isn’t very good? A Pity Party! In this show by the comedy duo Sweaty Pits, Pity Party! is a mash up of weird and wonderful sketches performed with exuberance and commitment, mining plenty of laughs throughout.

Held in the Loft upstairs theatre space at The A Club, Pity Party! starts with a sketch which is an ode to fitness bloggers on social media, which is not only incredibly funny, but also shows off the chemistry between Frankie McNair and Miriam Slater, the members of Sweaty Pits. The rest of the show followed with a set of sometimes loosely related sketches, as well some gender stereotype commentary within. Some of the sketches were quite ridiculous, but were performed with such energy and commitment that the laughs continued throughout the whole show.

The greatest strength of Pity Party! is most definitely the chemistry between that of performers McNair and Slater, with the show so rehearsed and prepared that the wordy interplay came across as natural. Pity Party! doesn’t have an overarching narrative between sketches, however this didn’t affect the cohesion of the show. The sketches were so funny and Sweaty Pits’ commitment to the material was so great that there was an element of surprise with each new costume change, as well as a lot of laughter.

Pity Party! is a show for those who like their comedy on the ridiculous and weird side. Comedy duo Sweaty Pits have crafted a show which is always funny, often strange, but never dull. Check out Pity Party! for the amazing chemistry between the women of Sweaty Pits before they become really famous and sell out bigger theatres.

4 Stars

Pity Party! runs until Sunday 3rd of March. Buy tickets HERE.


By Tania Nicholas